April Key is a British artist and designer, who is currently based in Istanbul. A budding creative and artist from a young age, she was drawn to the world of architecture and design and pursued her studies in Interior Design at Edinburgh College of Art from 2009-2013 . After graduation, she moved to Istanbul where she worked with various prominent interior design firms, until two years ago when set out on her solo mission; to create the most vibrant and unique light objects that bring timeless energy.  With her studied background in architecture, this created the firm foundation for inspiration. April maintains her workshop in the trendy Moda neighbourhood of Istanbul, where she works on various freelance projects and continues to develop her own practice.

“My work revolves around two subjects – architecture and light.

I come from an architectural background, and one thing I really love about architecture is how daylight would transform and interact with the buildings – completely changing how they look from morning to night.

For me that transformative narrative is art in itself, and I really hope to evoke that with my projects.”

— April Key

April debuting the Ocean Drive Collection to a resounding reception at Milan Design Week 2019, including voted as Best of Isola Design District and receiving accolades from the likes of Sothebys, Elle Décor UK and Archipanic, among many others. You can see more of April’s works and follow her progress via her Instagram @aprilkey.xyz

Contact: aprilkeystudio@gmail.com