“An inventory of habitations”

A group show that proposed for the Moscow Biennale 2022 / Moscow MOMA

‘An Inventory of Habitations’ examines through the selection of artists and works from around the world, the fertile relationship between art and architecture

It invites us to consider the bonds that connect them and evaluate the interactions between them. Promoting this dialogue, the exhibition acts as a hinge between the two fields, bringing together various viewpoints that sometimes converge or clash but are sufficiently unusual to arouse definite interest. A range of cultures, imaginary worlds, working methods, and positions from across the visual arts come face to face here. Considering how they influence each other, how they share space and time, it is about taking stock of the relationship between them.

Architecture is constructed with exogenous materials. Although it inherently incorporates products and techniques of its time, which is immortal, it converses with the history of the arts. These exchanges reach beyond the aesthetic of forms or the simple opposition between wall and function, and are renewed with the evolution and development of artistic projects. Today, disciplines perhaps call out to each other even more directly as artists question the complex and inclusive city. 

The aim of this exhibition is to allow visitors to discover the diversity of these approaches, thereby offering, through the interpretation of these artworks without purpose or plan, a platform for thinking and research in order to understand architectures place in art. 

The proposal includes a wide range of art disciplines from a selection of high caliber artists; digital animation, painting, graffiti, ceramic, 3d projection mapping, neon art, sculpting with a variety of materials such as glass, wood, metal.

The collected artists for the exhibition:

Charles Young (UK) Sculpture / paper

Gizem Cesmeci (Turkey) Painting 

Mesut Ozturk (Bulgaria) Sculpture / ceramic 

Josep Prat Sorolla (Spain) Illustration / mixed media

Vasiliy Isakov (Russia) Sculpture / ceramic

Ufuk Yilmaz (Turkey) Painting 

April Key (U.K)  Light art / photography / glass

Ceren Arslan (Turkey) Digital art animation 

Esk Reyn (Turkey) Painting and sculpture / concrete / ink